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19 February, 2024

Informational message regarding the spring sowing campaign.

The charitable organization "International Charity Fund Harvest of Victory" announces that the grant project "Assistance for Small Farmers in Ukraine," initiated by The Howard G. Buffett Foundation, is commencing the next stage of implementation – the Spring Sowing Campaign 2024.

Participants in the program can be small and medium-sized farmers (up to 1500 hectares) of any legal form who require assistance in carrying out spring field work. The charitable assistance received from the Charity Organization can be used on land plots owned by the recipient and/or under their use.
Applications are received from 19th to 24th of February.

Implementation of this stage of the project is carried out by providing agricultural enterprises with temporary free use of the following agricultural machinery by the Charity Organization:

Tractors: NEW HOLLAND T5.110 EC S JOHN DEERE 6140B, 6R215, 8R340

Seeders: MONOSEM 8R70NGP, 8/15 row NG KINZE 3005 8R70, 3600 AGROKALINA KASI 3.2, KASI 3.6 John Deere 1590 HORSCH Avatar 12.25 SD

The agricultural machinery is serviced by official dealers in Ukraine and is covered by warranty/service within the warranty service period. To receive charitable assistance, it is necessary to submit an application with a set of documents through the CRM system via the following link (click here). The start of accepting applications for charitable assistance to agricultural enterprises is February 19, 2024. The provision of property for temporary free use does not entail the receipt of profit or other benefits for the Charity Organization and the recipient of charitable assistance.

Consultations are available via email at or by phone at +38 098 474 36 51; +38 098 631 36 23.

Applications submitted in an unspecified format, without the necessary documents attached and/or without providing full details as required by the foundation, as well as those submitted before the project start date, will not be considered.

Priority consideration will be given to applications from affected and relocated enterprises from the Kherson, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Zaporizhzhia, Kyiv, Sumy, Chernihiv, and Dnipropetrovsk regions.

Applications from other regions of Ukraine will be considered after the distribution of agricultural machinery among affected enterprises from the specified regions.

Priority in providing charitable assistance will be given to farming households that unite for collective use of the machinery.